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Solitaire Kohinoor Continental

Solitaire Kohinoor Continental

Solitaire Kohinoor Continental Mumbai

‘Traditional Authentic Gujarati Thali’ Food Festival at Solitaire in Kohinoor Continental*

The busy and buzzing Andheri East is home to a number of hotels and restaurants. And amid the many options stands tall the Kohinoor Continental. Which is one stop for all mouth watering cuisines. This year for Navratri they have a special ‘Gujrati Thali Fest’. Celebrating the Festival season of Navratri in more than a traditional way. The Thali fest which commenced on the auspicious day of Ghat stapna of Navratri will give you an experience to the real taste & flavors of Gujarati food.

The food festival with a tag line of “Savor the authentic conventional delicacies of the Gujarati!” offers you the best of authentic Gujarati cuisine feasted & recreated by Chef Maxi D’Mello who flies down from Gujarat, especially for the food fest.

One can enjoy mouth watering delicacies like Undhiyu, Khandvi, Dhokla, Surti Dal, Angoori Rabdi & Mohan Thal. All the food had a tinge of tantalizing sweetness, which is the speciallity of Gujarati food. But over all the Thali looked complete and filling.

The one thing one must not miss in the Gujarati Thali is the Pakoda Kadhi and the Papaya Sambharia, made out of raw papaya.

The menu offers tradional food and for the first time we see Non- Veg menu in a Gujarati Thali Festival. The reason for the inclusion of Non-veg delicacies in this Food fest is that Gujarati people are now demanding
Non-veg food and the host did not want to let any one down with non availablity. So all you non-veggies also have a good option of Chicken Navasariwala, Mutton Ahamadabadi, Pattan ki macchi Curry. All pf these
prepared in traditional gujarati method.

The real taste of Gujarati flavored traditional food came with the pure ghee on the vegetables and in the khichdi. The wonderful Kadhi, the aroma of spices makes you greedy. The menu is circulative during the festival.

*About the restaurant:*
The Solitaire Restaurant offers dining in a pleasing atmosphere. Especially for the Gujrati Thali Fest, they has soft gujarati songs playing in background and waiters in traditional Gujarati dress (kurta pajama and safa) which
made the dining experience more enjoyable and gave the complete feel. The menu is reinvented every day with a wide choice between vegetarian and non- vegetarian cuisine. The quiet and serene ambiance of the restaurant is sure to make you want to come back.


*The Menu:*
Welcome Drinks- Shikanji
Starters: Khandwi, White Dhokla (Papaya Sambharia)
Vegetarian Menu- Green Gujrathi, Gawar nu saag, Tittori Wal
Non- Vegetarian – Chicken Navasariwala, Mutton Ahamadabadi, Pattan ki
macchi Curry.
Common Menu- Ahamadabadi Dal, Kathewadi / Khichdi, Ghee wala Rice, Masala
Puri / Baira Nu Rotla,
Sweet- Moong Dal Halwa / Aamrakhand.
*Price : *Veg Rs. 450/- and Non Veg Rs. 550/-
*Venue: *Solitaire, Kohinoor Executive, Andheri East, Mumbai

*U’th Time Ratings:*

Service: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5

*Review by: RISHI WADHWA*


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