6 Movies That Prove Aamir Khan has ALWAYS been a GAME-CHANGER!!!

6 Movies That Prove Aamir Khan has ALWAYS been a GAME-CHANGER!!!

Aamir Khan Films (apart from Dangal) that Changed the Face of Indian Cinema and established him as the Game-changer in bollywood.

By K. Manoj

May 17, 2017

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Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

Lagaan (2001) broke all the rules and knocked it out of the park (pun intended)! If there’s one film that had the balls (again, pun intended) to come up with content that was truly unique, awe-inspiring and legend (wait for it)Dary – It was Lagaan. As for Aamir Khan, this was the film that started it (again) for him – The Perfectionist had arrived with possibly the best Indian film ever. Not only did have the guts to say Yes to such an unusual script as an actor but also gave his nod as a Producer, for the first time. According to us, Lagaan deserved the Oscars after making it to the Final 5 in the Foreign Film Category (a feat only one other hindi film has achieved). Most of us Still get goosebumps while watching that last ball Aamir hits for a six – which metaphorically stands true with regards to Lagaan’s contribution to Indian Cinema.

Source:  imdb

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

From an Avadhi speaking Villager to an Urban South Bombay English Speaking College Passout – Only after 1.5 months post the release Lagaan. It was this film, that the perfectionist Khan cemented his place as the Best Actor among Khans (and Kumars, Kapoors etc.). He got the all the brownie points for versatility in this coming of age story of 3 young friends going through major transitionsin their lives.  After the release, we all (Boys mostly) got the short haircut and the gotti. That’s the impact of this Man – He is a game changer.  Aaaaakkaaaashhh (remember that scene in the night club)

Source:  imdb

Rang De Basanti (2006)

Only one word for this one – Whoa!!!! The Ace Khan came with an entourage full of awesome actors with a gap of almost 5 years with what can be possibly called as the most socially relevant film of Indian Cinema. Such was the impact of this Contemporary take on modern day Bhagat Singh’s struggle for film on India’s Youth, that it literally served as an inspiration for justice in one of the most cold blooded murder of a young model by a Politician’s son (The Jessica Lal Case). One thing Aamir’s movies have always had is the longevity where you can still watch all of his classics (and cults) after 5 or 10 years and still feel over-whelmed with the message and the content of his brand of cinema. A feat, in our opinion, no other Mainstream Indian actor has achieved so far.

Taare Zameen Par (2007)

Who else could make or even think or support of a film on a Dyslexic 8 Year Old Boys struggle to cope with the Insanity of India’s Education System. Well you guessed it right – Only Aamir Khan (as a Director for the 1st time). On paper, the film doesn’t seem to hold any commercial appear but When the King of Quality cinema enters the equation, the audience knows something will change. And it did. Parents, School Teachers, Kids, Hostel Wardens – all of them and took notice and imbibed the message in this fantastic small budget film with the biggest heart. Ishan Avasthi and Ram Shankar Nikhumb won our hearts. The film made on a budged of INR 8 Crores ended up grossing INR 122 Crores Worldwide.

Source:  imdb

3 Idiots (2009)

The biggest Hit of Indian cinema till Aug 2013. If 3 Idiots released in 2013 it would have grossed anywhere from 350-400 Crores, if one adjusts for the number of prints. Commerce aside, Aamir united with probably the Best Director in Indian Cinema at present – Rajkumar Hirani – for the first time and produced one of the most entertaining, heart-warming and self help films of all time. Aamir, played an unorthodox engineering student and an inventor, who (again) takes on the Monotonous insanity of IITs driven engineering hoopla in India. It wouldn’t be wrong to say all of people changed their careers and lifestyle post watching 3 Idiots.         3I encouraged the Indian audiences to focus on excellence rather than monetary success to lead a life of self-fulfillment and contentment. And no one else could bring this message better than the excellent Aamir Khan – the rancho of Indian Cinema.

Hats off to you Sir, you truly deserve sharing your birth date with Albert Einstein (14th March) – Keep entertaining and more importantly – Enlightening us!!!!

Source:  imdb

PK (2014)

Trust Aamir to hit it out of the world when he plays a stranger in the city asks questions no one has asked before. Just like 3 idiots, taking a satirical root question religions and various practices, the movie ranks as the highest hindi global grosser of all time. Taking a story of an alien and making the box office collections go out of the world. Only Aamir Khan KHAN do it.

Now DANGAL has also crossed 1000CR WORLWIDE and has done better in CHINA than in INDIA with over 385cr and counting in China. Well trust Aamir Khan to take Indian Cinema to the Global Scale.



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